KEITH Azopardi is the new leader of the Gibraltar Social Democrats after winning last night’s leadership election against Roy Clinton.

Azopardi secured more than 60% of the votes and vowed to end the ‘corrosive in-fighting’ that has weakened the opposition in what would be a ‘new start for the GSD’.

He also vowed to reshuffle the shadow portfolios, but commented that Clinton would retain the finance portfolio as he paid homage to his opponent.

“He deserved every single vote he got tonight and leaves his mark through this process,” Azopardi told the crowds.

“I think he will make an excellent Finance Minister in the future if we are returned to Government.”

Clinton was gracious in defeat and commented that all party members should now get behind Azopardi.

“From now on, it’s business as usual and we can take the fight to the GSLP/Liberals because that’s what we are here to do and that’s what we will always need to do together and I certainly will be supporting Keith and the party,” Clinton said.

A question and answer session of Parliament is scheduled for Tuesday which Azopardi is set to attend.