GIBRALTARIANS are furious after reports have emerged that tickets for the Gibraltar Government Lottery draw are being sold in La Linea.

Individuals are buying the lottery tickets in bulk and then selling them for twice the price across the border.

The lottery is intended to be solely for Gibraltarians.

“It is very annoying that Gibraltarians cannot play our lottery because some people in another country is making a business out of it,” commented Mabelle Imossi on Facebook.

“I hope the government either takes note and finds a solution or, for what it is worth, does away with the Gibraltar Government Lottery.”

The government has referred the matter to the police and Minister for Gaming, Albert Isola, is considering suspending agents who were involved in the aiding of the reselling tickets.

He said: “The tradition of the Christmas Lottery has long been enjoyed by Gibraltarian families. We are most concerned that the reputation of the Lottery has been tarnished by these recent actions and, as a Government, we are determined that there should be no repetition of these offences in the future.”