Staying Grounded: Young Gibraltarian footballers told to stop heading ball

The Gibraltar FA are attempting to stop players under the age of 12 from heading the ball due to concerns over developing conditions like Dementia in old age


THE Gibraltarian FA have taken the bold move to ‘actively discourage’ all football players under the age of 12 from heading the ball.

It is believed that regularly heading a football at an early age can increase the chances of developing Dementia or Boxers Brain injury.

Several recent studies, including those carried out by the NFL, UEFA and BBC have established concerning links.

It is also hoped that by encouraging players to keep the ball on the ground, it will help develop the technical footballing abilities of Gibraltarian players.

“In some ways the Gibraltar FA have been ‘ahead of the game’ but we considered the very obvious footballing benefits alongside the even more obvious health benefits,” said Desi Curry, the Gibraltar FA’s Technical Director.