AN internationally-feted academic has published a paper on the work of Gibraltarian writer M.G Sanchez.

Professor Ana Maria Manzanas, an expert on the study of modern borders, has published the 7,000-word article ‘The Line and the Limit of Britishness: The Construction of Gibraltarian Identity in M.G. Sanchez’s writing.’

Manzanas argues that Gibraltar is a unique territory, ‘not the space of Britshness, nor the space of Spanishness.’

She also draws parallels between the borderland cultures of Gibraltar/Spain and Mexico/USA.

The similarities come from how individuals in both examples cross the border regularly for work or leisure, interacting with their counterparts positively, despite ongoing political tension.

Manzanas’ article studies four of M.G. Sanchez’s books, Rock Black, Past: A Memoir, The Escape Artist and Solitude House.