THE Gibraltar Olive Press is launching its brand new exciting column which gives you, the Gibraltarian, an opportunity to express your opinions on everyday matters.

Look out for familiar faces and who knows – you could be the star of our next edition!

Paul Cartwright, 51, Environment Protection Officer

“Converting the Irish Soft Border into a Hard Border and toughening even further the Gibraltar Hard Border with Spain can only cause pain and anger amongst the citizens of both areas.

“The economy, freedom of movement and social stability in both these sensitive geopolitical areas will tremendously suffer with Brexit.

“Gibraltar, although it overwhelmingly voted 96% Remain, today’s ‘will of the Gibraltarian people’ has changed because of Article 24 from the Art.50 EU negotiating guidelines.”

Nolan Frendo, Aaron Ignacio, Justin Pou, Tristan Tonna and Stuart Whitwell, Musicians in Jetstream

“All the world’s is our stage… Or maybe in this case a cave.

“We had the privilege to perform at St Michael’s Cave last year and it was one of the most memorable settings we’ve ever played at. On home soil to boot!

“Sometimes we take for granted the natural beauty that’s right on our doorstep here in Gibraltar.

“We’re so busy with our day to day that we often forget how important it is to appreciate our surroundings and do what we really love to restore the balance.”

Anthony Loddo, 24, Professional Performer

I am a performer – I sing, dance and do all that jazz. I have done all sorts of different jobs abroad including working at Disneyland Paris, at the Olympics, everything has been different.

I’ve done these jobs for awhile so it was my first Christmas being back in ages, so I just caught up with old friends and faces.

It sounds cliche but Gibraltar is unique at Christmas time because it is so small and intimate, family is so important here.

You can walk down the street and get distracted by seeing someone you maybe knew from school ten years ago but you end up having a half hour chat.

You end up being late for your dinner plans because of that but I wouldn’t change that for anything!