POLICE in La Linea have seized 12 tonnes of hash in the space of 48 hours following four separate operations. 

The alarm was raised in the first incident after police officers spotted a suspicious van and pursued. Inside officers discovered 11 bales of cannabis resin weighing 375 kg and arrested the driver.

Hours later, police pursued a 4×4 vehicle suspected of drug trafficking in a high-speed chase, eventually the driver pulled into a garage and escaped over the rooftops.

Police seized 4.9 tonnes of cannabis, eight stolen 4×4 vehicles with false number plates, a handgun with 13 rounds of ammunition and radio transmitters.

In another incident police reprimanded drug smugglers on the beach and 117 bales of cannabis weighing 3.5 tonnes.

Finally a last high-speed chase led to  52 drug bales weighing 1.7 tonnes were seized from within the warehouse.

The spike in activity coincides with the harvesting season in Morocco.