THE bubble waffle craze that has taken the culinary world by storm has finally arrived in Gibraltar, courtesy of a new restaurant in Grand Casemates Square.

Bubble Waffle Café, owned by the Chinese-born Gibraltarian resident Zhenou Chou, 38 and his family, only opened this month but it is already proving to be a hit.

The café offers Hong Kong’s famous savoury waffles with a variety of ice creams and sweet toppings, including caramel mini fudge and chocolate vermicelli.

“People are coming already and trying what we have as we are offering something completely different to what is already on offer in Gibraltar,” Chou told the Gibraltar Olive Press.

“There are already many Chinese restaurants here, but nothing offering what we do.”

Chou truly represents Gibraltar’s multicultural ethos – born in China, his wife is from Hong Kong, he lived in the Netherlands for 17 years, as well as Spain, before moving to Gibraltar 7 years ago.

His diverse background is reflected in the restaurant’s comprehensive menu.

As well as the famous bubble waffle, he also offers Dutch street snacks such as frikandel, steamed Chinese delicacies such as baopao and Japanese treats such as waffle teriyaki fish.  

“The waffles are my favourite,” he adds.

“They are warm, with the cold ice cream inside, perfect for a sunny Spring afternoon in Gibraltar.”

Chou’s restaurant also offers a lobby with wifi where hungry customers can work while they eat and he also plans to launch a savoury bubble waffle menu once business takes off.

“I love living in Gibraltar,” Chou enthuses.

“It is such a great place to bring up your children, everyone is so friendly and it’s great to mix with people from around the world.”