THE Gibraltar Social Democrats hope to better understand tenants’ concerns by visiting housing estates on the Rock.

The leader of the GSD, Keith Azopardi and the Shadow Minister for Housing, MP Elliott Phillips, first visited Glacis Estate Tenants Association as part of a new outreach programme.

They spoke with residents on estate refurbishment, maintenance and cleanliness and listened to residents problems.

“I am keen that we should get out into the community to better understand issues of concern to particular districts or sectoral groups,” explained Azopardi.

“This will be an intensive rolling 12 month programme as I want to ensure we meet as many people and entities as possible.

“I am excited by the challenge of ensuring that we can address the concerns people have on employment, the environment, education, health and social care issues in our policy making and in the work we do towards our next manifesto.”

Azopardi is expected to announce which estates and housing organisations he plans to visit next this month.

Any tenants with urgent concerns have also been invited to contact the Azopardi and the GSD directly to be prioritised.

In his recent response to Fabian Picardo’s New Year message, Azopardi vowed that the Opposition would address the ‘many approaches from people who suffer deficiencies in healthcare, poor housing conditions or failures in social care.’

“Much more needs to be done to improve public services and modernize them,” he said.