Conor Lavagna, 18, Student

I’ve built a bond with the people who happen to wear police uniforms over the years.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d honestly love to join and be a part of them.

However, I’ve been told I’m gifted with the hands of an artist and I’ve recently realised that.

With my choice of wanting to join the police force, I could be throwing that talent away.

However, if I could combine those two together that would honestly create a dream come true.

Not many people preach what the police do on a daily basis.

Yes, they may make some mistakes but they’re human after all aren’t they?

We all are, so why is it when someone in a uniform makes a mistake all hell breaks loose?

Sure, not much action happens in Gibraltar compared to the UK but not everything is posted on social media.

So you never really know what happens.

Krisanne Zapata, 35, Secretary

Organ Transplant and Donation – for many people this sounds life threatening or an illegality but on the other hand it is a vital life saving thing, very much needed at this time.

Sadly this is still a taboo in our society and I, nine year after I started my petition in 2009, will never surrender until ALL Gibraltarians have the option to become a donor.

Whether during your life or when you pass away, you can give someone else another chance in life through YOU!