BRITISH business leaders have warned Theresa May that their ‘patience is wearing thin’ over her indecision on Brexit.

In an open letter to the UK prime minister, the British Chambers of Commerce demanded May give an indication of Britain’s future relationship with the EU.

The organisation argued that current uncertainty was causing reduced economic growth and putting off investors.

“The BCC has refrained from entering into the noisy political debate on the shape of the final settlement in recent weeks,” the letter read.

“We have instead emphasised the need for answers to the many practical questions businesses now face.

“Yet, businesses need those elected to govern our country to make choices – and to deliver a clear, unequivocal statement of intent.”

It continued: “The perception amongst businesses on the ground, large and small alike, is one of continued division.

“Even amongst the many optimistic, future-oriented firms – those who see opportunity in change – patience is wearing thin.”