THE Spanish foreign minister has vowed not to use Brexit as an excuse to restrict day-to-day life in Gibraltar.

Alfonso Dastis also confirmed that Spain will not hamper the Rock’s Spanish workforce from crossing the border.

The comments from Dastis have eased worries that Madrid will use Brexit to gain more authority over the Rock.

“Nothing will change after Britain leaves,” Dastis said.

“People will be able to keep living in one place and working in another.

“We don’t have the intention of making life difficult for people or closing any barriers or complicating mobility.

“We’re very interested in maintaining the close relationship we have with the United Kingdom, which we want to improve in terms of people-to-people exchanges and in terms of investment.”

However, Dastis did say there were several small issues to resolve with the UK over Gibraltar.

He highlighted the future of Gibraltar’s airport as one, as it is technically built on a piece of land between Spain and Gibraltar.

Dastis said it would only be fair for Spain to have joint use of the facility.

He also said that the Gibraltarian authorities must be more active in ‘exchanging tax information’ with Spain.