THE liquidators of collapsed legal firm Marrache & Co have successfully sued Raphael Marrache over money he allegedly received from selling property to his brothers.

Marrache will have to hand over the £1.1 million he supposedly received from Benjamin, Isaac and Solomon for his share of a Main Street property portfolio they had inherited from their parents.

It is thought that Raphael received the money between 2004 and 2010.

When the judgement was handed down by Acting Puisne Judge Liam Yeats, Raphael responded with an angry outburst.

Raphael, who represented himself in court, rejected the claim that he had received the money from his brothers for the property.

Instead he claimed that the money was a monthly salary that he had earned working for Marrache & Co.

The liquidator’s case relied on a ledger that Benjamin, Isaac and Solomon kept of Raphael’s expenses in order to keep track of parts of his inheritance they had assumed.

The Marrache brothers criminal trial in 2013/2014 was the longest in the Rock’s legal history, lasting ten months.

The three brothers were found guilty of conspiring to defraud dozens of victim out of £27 million.

In front of a packed courtroom, Benjamin, Solomon and Isaac Marrache were sentenced to 11 years, seven years and seven years respectively.

During the trial, the judge dismissed the jury due to fears that they had been subject to ‘tampering’ from the Marrache brothers.

However, despite a major public uproar all three brothers have since been released on parole after serving just a third of their sentences.