It has been a year to remember for Gibraltarian sport.

Among a whole host of successes, the Gibraltarian men’s U21 football team achieved the Rock’s very first competitive victory in the sport by beating Macedonia 1-0.

Not to be outdone by their male counterparts, the Gibraltarian women’s netball team ended the year at their highest world ranking of all time.

To honour the success of the Rock’s high achievers, GBC will be holding their annual Sports Awards at Grand Battery House on March 20.

Four accolades will be handed out which will be voted for by the general public and a panel of local sports journalists and experts.

They are the Senior Individual, Senior Team, Junior Individual and Junior Team awards.

The general public are invited to vote via telephone, with lines open until midnight on February 28.

There will also be a Lifetime Achievement Award, although the recipient of this award will be decided exclusively by the panel.

Harvey Dixon, a 1500m runner, Tom Sawyer, a clay target shooter, Samuel Santos, an alpine skier, Chris Walker, a triathlete, Matt Coulthard, a firefighting combat challenger and Jonathan Patron, a pistol shooter, have been nominated for the Senior Individual award.

Competing for the Senior Team accolade are the Rifle Prone Pair IG of Wayne Piri and Enrique Bonifacio, the Senior Men’s National Hockey Squad, the Men’s Senior Basketball Team, the Special Olympics Winter Games Team, the Clay Abt Pair IG of Harry Murphy and Tom Sawyer and Europa FC.

In the Junior Individual category there are Sachin Gupta, an ice skater, Craig Dalliano, a darts player, Emma Bosio, a rhythmic gymnast, Matt Savitz, a swimmer and Sebastian Desoisa, a golfer.

“It’s a privilege to be nominated for the junior individual sports awards,” Galliano told the Gibraltar Olive Press.

“My aspiration for the future is to continue to work hard on my training so that I may be able to move my way up in order to participate in the World Cup and PDC events.

“My dream would be playing at the world championships which is the biggest tournament in darts along with the top players!”

Emma Bosio was equally as delighted to have been nominated.

“It is such a great honour to be nominated for the GBC Sports Awards, especially with the high level of sporting achievement within Gibraltar,” she told the Gibraltar Olive Press.

“It’s such a good feeling knowing that my hard work over the past year has been recognised and paid off.”

Lastly, the Junior Team award will go to one of the Youth Darts Selection, the GFA U12 Denmark Squad, GASA Youth & CG Squad, the Calpe Rowing and the Rhythmic Gymnastics Squad.