THE alleged lynchpin in Spain’s biggest ever political fraud claims he made SIX previous confessions up.

Former Junta employment boss Francisco Guerrero insists he did not personally gain from the ERE scandal, that saw up to a billion euros embezzled over a decade.

He claims he only gave details of the so-called ‘reptile fund’ that he allegedly oversaw, after police put considerable pressure on him.

Guerrero is facing eight years in prison for embezzling €65 million of money from the €647 million emergency public fund that he managed between 1999 and 2008.

The money had been set aside to support struggling Andalucian businesses.

Instead, Guerrero allegedly awarded fake grants to companies registered in the names of more than 100 of his family members, friends and fellow PSOE politicians.

His driver, Juan Francisco Trujillo – nicknamed the ‘cocaine chauffeur’ – claims he set up bogus shell companies to receive public money to spend on ‘cocaine, parties and drinks’.

He is also accused of sending ‘retirement money’ to his mother-in-law and the mother of his driver for companies that never existed.

On one day alone, Guerrero is accused of handing out €1.3 million to acquaintances.

The former director protested his innocence this week as he made his first appearance in court. He argued that he was only following orders and therefore wasn’t accountable for his actions.

The court must now decide whether Guerrero made the payments alone or whether he acted on the behalf of others.

A total of 22 leading politicians are facing trial, including two former Junta bosses, Manuel Chaves and Jose Antonio Grinan.