PUPILS from Notre Dame School took time out from lessons to brighten up Valentine’s Day for Gibraltarians.

As part of a ‘mindfulness’ project, children handed out gifts such as love hearts and sweets to passers-by in Casemates Square.

They also handed out written messages, such as ‘love’, on pieces of parchment.

“The idea is that we try to make our school happier and one of the things we had was the random acts of kindness idea on Valentine’s Day to give something back to the community,” said Jeanette Gonzalez of Notre Dame School.

“The idea is that giving makes you feel happy.”

All the children from Notre Dame took part in the day, except those from nursery.

Passers-by appeared delighted to receive their random act of kindness, including several policeman who accepted their messages to the delight of pupils.

The children also delivered a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s L.O.V.E.

The outing was part of the Notre Dame new school policy of ‘mindfulness’ – designed to make children relax, focus more and be better dealing with conflict.

As part of the policy, a team from the Happiness Movement will spend four weeks with each group in Notre Dame.

“They are giving them different techniques to use when they are upset,” said Gonzalez.

The organisation has drawn up 12 targets created for and by pupils to ‘make Notre Dame a happier school’.

These include making a food bank for people in need and being happy for others when they achieve something.