TWO BRITISH authors have published a novel about a special forces commando fighting a nuclear threat in Gibraltar.

Keith Turnbull and Ken Hames’s book Fallen Angel details the exploits of Tom Selkirk, a ‘mission-weary’ soldier who specialise in ultra-secret international assignments.

After a deadly tsunami occurs in the South Pacific in suspicious circumstances, Selkirk tracks down the sole survivor of the incident, the beautiful Isabelle, which leads him to the Rock.

“Gibraltar is featured in almost every chapter but there is one specific and key chapter all about Gibraltar, which is the sixth,” Turnbull told the press.

“Gibraltar is a pivotal point for Tom Selkirk’s tale because it is there where they realise who the bad guys are, what the weapon they are up against is and what is going to happen.
“He just doesn’t know where and when.”  

Turnbull had previously visited Gibraltar when he worked in the defence sector and developed an infatuation for the Rock.

“I love Gibraltar,” he enthused.
“Gibraltar is a pivotal location strategically and militarily for Britain and its wider western allies.
“It is a wonderful location.”