Christopher Riddell, the former CEO of the Post Office in Gibraltar, has been cleared on two charges of rape.

The jury returned a unanimous not-guilty verdict after a highly anticipated trial at the Supreme Court.

Riddell, 54, was accused of raping a local woman in March 2016 after meeting her at the Seawave restaurant in Catalan Bay.

The woman alleged Riddell walked her home after a few drinks and forced her into having sex with him while she looked for her house keys.

Riddell’s defence lawyers argued that he had consensual sex with the woman, who was not too drunk to consent.

Riddell argued that the woman was ‘in control’ and was the ‘driving force’ behind the ‘vigorous’ outdoor sex.

While under investigation Riddell had protested his innocence to the police.

“Before you completely ruin someone’s life, please look at the logical facts here,” he said.

After the trial concluded Riddell’s legal team informed the press that their client would not be giving a statement at this stage.