THE Gibraltar castle will be lit green tomorrow and on Sunday in support of a cerebral palsy awareness campaign. 
It is an official endorsement of the campaign, which will also see a fun stand outside the ICC from 10am on Saturday, and a planned walk from the Piazza to Casemates at 10am on Sunday.
Organiser Tanya Wilkinson said: “We are trying to raise as much awareness as possible as there is a void in Gibraltar with supporting families like us. The awareness campaign is aimed at educating people that children and adults living with CP ( cerebral Palsey) come in all types and in some cases not all disabilities are visual.

“My daughter Aimie Mills has Hymaplegia Cerbal Palsy which effects her right side, and often people can think she is being awkward for example she relies on a bannister for going up and down stairs and people coming the opposite way will look horrified that she won’t move out of the way.
“People must be aware that all disabilities are not physical.”
Tanya is inviting everyone to join the event and wear green in a show of support.