CUSTOMERS at Morrisons in Gibraltar have been left angry as the shelves at the store were empty.

Products that are delivered to Morrisons pass through neighbouring La Linea, where last weekend they had a public holiday to celebrate the Virgen Del Carmen.

As many residents were off work July 20 – July 23 to celebrate the public holiday, some groceries were delayed showing up to the store.

Some customers took to social media to display their anger.

Customers were quick to draw parallels between this episode and how Morrisons will be following Brexit, with one commenting: “This will be a daily reality under a no deal Brexit.”

Should Spain and Gibraltar have a hard border, products passing freely between the two countries may be hampered.

It comes after UK PM Theresa May said you should take ‘reassurance and comfort’ in a plan to stockpile food for a no deal Brexit.