THE government of Gibraltar have said that the GSD statement on Brexit ‘adds nothing of substance’ and offers no substance in terms of policies and solutions.

The statement comes after a number of scathing attacks by the government on the GSD’ position on Brexit.

A spokesperson for the Government, said: “It is quite incredible that it has taken the GSD Opposition two weeks to analyse the document in order to come up with an unsubstantial view that provides nothing of any note to the Gibraltar position.”

This comes after the Government said the statement ‘directly contradicts’ a speech given by GSD MP, Daniel Feetham, during the Budget speech.

The GSD have compared Gibraltar to that of Northern Ireland: a contentious debate on how they can avoid a ‘hard border.’

“The truth is that beyond the fact that both territories will have a border with the European Union, the two situations are not the same.”

“Northern Ireland is presently in the Customs Union in relation to goods and enjoys a common travel area with the Republic of Ireland in relation to the movement of persons.”

“This means that there are currently no customs or immigration checkpoints or controls,” the Government said.

The GSD opposition also criticized the UK Government’s White Paper calling it ‘very superficial and cursory in its treatment of Gibraltar.’

Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of Gibraltar, said ‘this is just another desperate attempt by the GSD to make some Brexit noise to try to stay relevant.’