Friday, January 18, 2019

Eurocity developers ask permission to break airport height restrictions

Eurocity is a planned 70 metre tall development in the Europort area

Easyjet expects 30,000 passengers per year on new Gibraltar-Manchester route

The airline said it expects 30,000 passengers per year to travel on the route

Chief Minister discusses ‘Brexit’ issue in London

Fabian Picardo met David Lidington, the minister for Europe

Row breaks out between Spark Energy and Gibraltar’s government

Both sides are now threatening legal action, after Spark Energy accused Picardo’s government of failing to pay its bills for five months

Gibraltar criticised in Tax Justice Network report

The report claims British Prime Minister David Cameron is failing in his pledge to lead the global fight against corruption

Gibraltar and La Linea officials meet to strengthen business relations

Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce met with Town Hall’s commercial officials

EXCLUSIVE: Mystery surrounds superyacht spotted in Gibraltar which was built for Roman Abramovich

Giant boat came to Gibraltar to refuel and stock up, alongside visits from Paul Allen and Abramovich’s yachts this summer
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International maritime rescue group launches Gibraltar base

Resolve Marine Group has announced a deal to set up a base in Gibraltar
Streamlined Straits Solution for Gibraltar Proves Successful in  e

Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce releases economic wishlist for new government

A modern and efficient taxi service, an end to the unfair abuse of government accommodation and an annual political roadshow in Spain are three of the key proposals
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Gibraltar employment level increases by 50% over last decade

Gibraltar will have more workers than residents if the increase continues for the next decade
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Gibraltar’s Europa Point to become training pitches if Lathbury Barracks stadium gets green light

The Save Europa Point group has welcomed the government´s decision to abandon a planned stadium at the southern tip of Gibraltar

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