Monday, 20 February, 2017

Crime & Law

Five Spanish nationals arrested by Royal Gibraltar Police at sea plead...

Gang from Ceuta slapped with fines for 'Importing a Prohibited Import’.

Jyske Bank staff handling Marrache money ‘had no training’ on Solicitor...

Tom Leech QC makes opening statement for bank

‘Criminal offence’ to blame for huge delays at Gibraltar Airport, source...

'The MOD will have to say something,' says Olive Press source

Fresh twist in Marrache case as liquidators sue disgraced brothers’ main...

Liquidators allege bank helped fraudster brothers breach fiduciary duty

Government has left ‘a bad taste’ over Isaac Marrache parole case,...

Minister for Justice Neil Costa's appeal 'will lead to calls for his resignation should be fail'

Release of Isaac Marrache continues to cause controversy and raise questions

'Systemic failures' in legal system exposed during Marrache brothers' case, says Olive Press source

Convicted fraudster Isaac Marrache’s release confirmed as judge reveals ex-lawyer had...

Justice Minister Neil Costa didn't have power to release disgraced ex-lawyer, says Judge JAck

Top London Brexit QC Lord Pannick gives opinion in Isaac Marrache...

Third QC used in controversial case as Judge Jack rules against Minister Neil Costa

Royal Gibraltar Police make third arrest in connection with Glacis Estate...

A 16-year-old youth is detained as police investigations continue

Royal Gibraltar Police make two arrests after WhatsApp videos show youths...

A 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old youth are bailed

Royal Gibraltar Police investigate videos of youths harassing Glacis Estate victim

Videos show teenagers aiming firecrackers at flat windows

New ‘revenge porn’ bill could hit offenders with prison sentence of...

'Distress and humiliation' of posting sex videos without consent 'won't be tolerated in Gibraltar', says Neil Costa

Gibraltar government ‘considering various legal courses’ in Isaac Marrache appeal case

Failure to act could damage Gibraltar's 'international reputation', says GSD

EXCLUSIVE: Convicted fraudster Isaac Marrache’s ‘attempts to derail’ criminal proceedings ‘unprecedented’,...

But 'systemic failures' in Gibraltar legal system partly to blame for trial hold-ups, says source

Stolen jet-ski recovered after high-speed sea pursuit by Royal Gibraltar Police

Marine patrol chases three suspects speeding towards La Linea

Two Estonians fined £800 after pleading guilty to five counts of...

Alicante-based pair arrested after stealing from Gibraltar shops


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